First time home owner mortgage tips

Getting your first home loan can be pretty scary. Some people avoid it for years thinking it’s to big of a responsibility. They start asking themselves, but what if I don’t want to live here forever and if I own my own home what if stuff breaks.

If you’re here you’re probably finally pulling the trigger and thinking about applying for a mortgage and getting your first home.  Over the next few posts I’ll share with you my experience and hope to ease your nerves.

Ask a Friend:
Chances are you know someone who has recently purchased a house. Ask them how smooth it went and if they recommend their mortgage broker.

This is a great site to read reviews of companies from others just like you. Hey when you shop for products online chances are you check the reviews first. Same goes for finding loan officer, mortgages or a real estate agent.

Get pre-approved for your home loan:
I recommend getting pre-approved first. First off you’ll end up knowing how much you can spend on your dream home, but more importantly you can test the waters with your mortgage broker. If things don’t go smooth during this process it might be worth finding someone else.

Mortgage Calculator:
Lots of sites have handy mortgage calculators you can use to figure out everything from monthly payments based on how many years etc. Here is a link to site with a calculator you can use.

Hope this helps a bit and I’ll post more soon. Happy house hunting :)